Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Statements for the Spring

Ready to make a fashion statement this spring? Well, just grab your favorite statement necklace and it will carry you through day and night with a t-shirt and jeans or your favorite LBD. I have always been a huge fan of making a statement when it comes to your accessories so I am glad to see that this trend is sticking around for another season...or two...or three.

Like the first two for example that can be found at J Crew. Love the vintage look...but don't love the price. I have some coming soon at York etc. that look so much like these, it's scary. And for about a 1/4th of the price!

And the next two in the photo scroll are from Anthropologie. Guess which one is over $600?? Crazy, I know.

If you are eager to buy a new statement piece for your accessories collection, please check out my York etc. Facebook page. As soon as the idiots at Air Tran find my suitcase, I can upload my spring goodies for your shopping pleasure.

Sadly I think some TSA worker is making a "statement" at my expense...with all of my hard earned and sought after finds. So annoyed. Necklaces are not even cute with their awful uniforms.

Say a prayer they find it soon...and don't worry. I have already placed a backup order in the event it is gone for good. Tear. Sob. Scream.

Stay tuned. Stay trendy!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Girls

Over the weekend my DVR was busy recording the Miss America pageant and the Golden Globes.  I was out of town for a wedding in Atlanta and couldn't wait to get home to fast forward through all of the commercials and check out the glimmer and gold on my tv.

I have to say that our newly crowned Miss America from NY takes the award for Best Dressed in my book.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about "her look".  From the hair, to the asymetrical design, to the fabric, to the's just all straight 10's on my ballot! 

Mallory Hagan, Miss America

One rule of fashion thumb that I try to follow is that when wearing a one-shoulder style...accessorize on the opposite arm from the fabric or strap.  I love her big, chunky bracelet and it works so well with the big earrings.  She could totally wear this down the road for her wedding!  I say "yes"!

My next fashion favorite from the tv glamour weekend was Julie Bowen.  Not only do I adore her, I also think she has a great sense of style and she always makes great choices.  She looks stunning in the Halston below.

I really love the color.  Not exactly sure what to call it but the mix of green and blue works so well with her hair and skin tones.  She also got the memo about accessorizing the opposite arm when wearing one shoulder styles and I think those stacked bracelets are perfect!  I also really love her messy up-do. 

So Miss America and Miss Modern Family are my two "golden girl" picks from the weekend.

What dresses did you love?  Hate? 

Stay tuned.  Stay trendy.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Wedding Accessories- Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

April 20, 2013 will be here before we know it and I really need to buckle down on several things on the "to do" list.  I love making lists to keep me on task...but sometimes the lists just make my heart beat a little faster than normal when I start reading them!

Since my York etc business is focused around fashion and accessories, I decided that I could blog about the different ways that I will be "accessorizing" the wedding. 

Let's start with the cutest members of the wedding party...the flower girls and ring bearer!  I am so lucky to have 3 girls and 1 boy standing with us on our special day.  Campbell and Emory are my cousins and Charlotte and Will are Dolph's niece and nephew...and will be mine too very soon!  They are the cutest kids you have ever seen and are probably going to steal the show on April 20th.  I can't wait!

I really wanted to find something sweet and simple for them to wear in the wedding.  While spending some time on Google one night, I stumbled across a wonderful site called Isabella's Fate.  They are based out of Wahalla, SC and only sell through their website listed above.

I found the cutest flower girl options in a sear sucker fabric that I really love!  It comes in blue, pink, white and yellow as shown below.  I can't tell you which color I am going with...have to leave some surprises for the big day!

And for the ring bearer they have a suit that will match perfectly!

So if you have any friends getting married soon or just need to order a really cute outfit for your little ones, check out!  Great prices, great service and as you can see, great options available.

Stay tuned. Stay trendy!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  With Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, Christmas music, extra vacation days, and decorating for Christmas...this makes me one happy girl!

My fiance and I went to the NC Farmer's Market today and picked out our tree.  We have to pick from the petite section because my condo aka "the treehouse" isn't very big.  I think we found the perfect one and I was so excited to get it up and "accessorized"!

I have several ornaments that are pretty special to me and I really enjoy unpacking them from my decorations box each year.  I love reminiscing on the memories behind each one of them.
This ornament is a tiny front door with a wreath and my Uncle Mike gave it to me the year that I bought my condo.  I thought that was a clever idea since it was my very first "front door".

My sweet Aunt Donna gave this ornament to me in 2009.  I found this ornament and message to be powerful and very appropriate that year because I had been job searching for over a year and it was really tough trying to make ends meet and figure things out.  This bible verse helped me through some pretty rough days and when I look back on this ornament each year, I am so thankful for the job that I now have along with all of the many other blessings and lessons that the Lord has given me along the way.  

I love this ornament so much because Dolph and I found it on the beach during a visit there last New Year's!  It had a hole in the top and I thought it would make a perfect ornament.  Now it's even more special because it's from the same beach where we will get married in April.  Maybe I can try to find a shell between now and the wedding for each bridesmaid and make them an ornament to put with their gifts...I will add that to my never ending list!

Another thing I love about decorating for Christmas is jazzing up the mantle area!

I decided to go ahead and add stockings with our names with hopes that Santa will swing by and load them up with cash for the wedding!  Gift cards also accepted :)

Another one of my favorite Christmas decor items is a pair of choir angels that were from my great-grandparents house in Elkin.  It's funny because I really do remember seeing them as a child and always loving the color and sweet spirit about them.  Since I also love to sing this little holiday momento that I inherited from them really does make me smile at Christmas!  I always enjoyed spending time at their house during Christmas and since they are no longer with us...this is my way of still celebrating with them each year.

I found a cute metal sign at the Dollar Tree and added some fun ribbon to it.  It looks great against this black and white checked plate on a stand by the sink in my kitchen.  I also added some of the garland scraps to a bud vase.  The smell is my favorite!  I love having a little Christmas decor all over the house.

I also have a fun bright green sequin spangle tree by the bar area.  It's the perfect size and is just the right amount of "fun" for this part of the house.  Basically has PARTY written all over it!

While we were at the Farmer's Market today I also picked up a boxwood wreath to hang in the dining area.  The best part about this wreath is that after Christmas is over I can hang it on my front door and add fun ribbon to make it appropriate for the winter and spring holidays.  By April it will have a really neat dried look to it and I just love it.  Well worth the $16 that it cost me.

As you can see in the picture, I just hung it with a piece of ribbon and then used thumb tacks to attach it to the window frame.  I love the simplicity of this fussy bow or busy ribbon.  Keeps the focus on the boxwood.  I also hung ornaments on sheer gold ribbon from the light fixture and even added tiny ornaments to the glass votives on the table.  I usually have tiny faux pears in them so this is a nice and easy change for Christmas. 

As I type I am listening to Christmas music and Dolph is trying to start a fire.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

What are some of your favorite holiday decorations in your home?  As you can tell, I love all of my Christmas accessories very much.  Just about as much as my York etc. ones!

Stay tuned.  Stay trendy!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Strike A Corduroy!

This little taste of fall weather is definetly striking a chord with my heart...and also my love for corduroy!

It's that time of year when it's cool enough to wear corduroy in the morning but by 1:00...way too warm.  No problem.  I can keep waiting because there are so many wonderful colors and corduroy things out in stores this season.

I just picked up this fun pair in a shade called JAZZY PINK from NY and Co.  Don't forget to bring along your AAA card for an additional 15% off if you purchase some of your own.  Original price of $49.95 brought my total to $30 bucks and some change. 

I am also loving this new line by Buffalo at JCPenny!  This pair of cords in Cognac screams can almost see the leaves turning in this picture! And you can't beat their new fair and square pricing...only $40 for this great fall find.  They also come in a color called Redwood.

I also stumbled across this really great quilted jacket with a corduroy trim at Walmart for only $18.96.  Comes in a green, red and black.  Not quite cold enough for this just yet...but I have a feeling this great bargain will fly off the shelves once the temps drop even more.

And you all know how I feel about animal print...well, these little leopard flats are the cutest and they are even made out of corduroy!  So cute!  Forever21 does it again.  Just $19.80 and they can be in your closet.

I am heading to NYC for work on Friday and I really hope that I get to pack for cooler weather.  I haven't checked the weather channel yet but have my fingers crossed that corduroy pairs well with the forecast.

Are you ready to pull out your favorite cords?  Any other good finds out there?  I will keep you posted on what else I stumble across out there.  Cords will always make my heart sing!

Stay tuned.  Stay trendy!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Are you ready for some Football??!!

Are you ready for some Football??  I know I sure am!
Today kicks off the College football season so that means that every Saturday between now and December there will be something fun to do on the weekends for sure.  Especially when NCSU is playing at home!
There are so many things I love about Football season.  The weather changes that bring on new wardrobes, the yummy tailgating snacks, the State Fair, and lots of time to entertain friends and family!
I look forward to the Friday nights before home football games because I get to:
A.      Plan my wardrobe…very important ladies!
B.      Plan my menu...again, very important and I am stepping it up a notch this year.
C.      Pack the car and coolers
I am sure you are thinking there are plenty of other things I could be doing for fun in Raleigh on a Friday night…but this type of planning and preparation is right up my alley!
Here is a little sneak peek of a few things I have in mind to prepare or wear at some point this football season…

Brownies are always a crowd pleaser and I love how they cut these in the shape of a football and used white icing to draw the stitching.  So cute and tasty!

Jack’s Salsa is a staple at my tailgate.  And I guess this doesn't really count as "preparing something".  Oh well! 
If you are a member at Costco, you can get this size for less than $5.00 and it lasts for at least 2 games.  Just grab a bag of Tostito’s scoops and you are all set!

A little trail mix to make sure you have the sweet and salty combo.  Great with a cold beer and something you can enjoy before, during and after the game!  One thing I think is fun is to include your team colors in the red M&M's for my Wolfpack...the little mix of color makes it really fun and shows team spirit :)

And I will most definitely be trying out one of these on September 15…the Beermosa!  Champagne isn’t my beverage of choice but I think this combination would be the perfect kickoff cocktail.
And this next item was just something that I couldn’t leave in the store when I stumbled across it…

I know this seems silly but when I saw these trash bins I just couldn’t resist the purchase.  I love the concept and the red and white gingham sealed the deal!
They are sold at places like The Container Store and Party City for $3.99...however this bargain shopper found two in the summer clearance section at Target.  Got 2 for $1.00!  It might get thrown away after the first game...but hey!  I can enjoy it while it lasts.
So that's just a preview of what I have to what to wear!

This necklace from my York etc. collection will be fun on gameday with a red shirt or dress.  As you know, it all depends on the weather...but this necklace will work no matter what!

This chevron shift dress is going to be so fun and comfy to wear on gameday.  I can wear it in the beginning of the season with flats or with tights and boots later in the year.  And the red, black and white chevron pattern is the perfect match for NCSU!

There are several other fun "gameday" pieces that you could incorporate into your wardrobe on the York etc. page so be sure and check it out.  If you don't see your school colors in anything, just let me know and I will be more than happy to find something for you.

Since I couldn't go to Atlanta for the NCSU game today...I am just going to have to do some tailgating of my own at the beach.  But you better believe I have my pom poms waiting for September 15!

Grab your game gear and cheer on your favorite team.  Football season is finally here!

Stay tuned.  Stay trendy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On the Prowl

I have been on the prowl lately...for LEOPARD print!  I have always loved adding a little splash of leopard or animal print to my wardrobe and I have found that it is truly a statement that never goes out of style.  Just about as classic as your favorite LBD.

It's a jungle out there for sure in the bargain shopping world...however I managed to find a few pieces that I would love to add to my animal kingdom :)

This sassy pink and animal print blouse is the perfect tunic to transition from summer to fall.  The colors are still bright and fun and the weight of the fabric is light...perfect for our NC warm weather.  I even think it would be cute to have for your spring closet collection and pair with white jeans...would really make the animal print pop off the pink background! 

It also comes in a white background option shown below.  For only $22.99 you can afford to buy both!

I also found this cute pair of what they call "snow leopard" jeans at Target!  At first when I tried them on it felt like I was putting together a Halloween costume.  But then when I got home and tried on different tops with them, I realized that they are very much a "fun neutral" and I think I will wear them many times in the coming months.  And a great price of only $22.99.  My apologies in advance for the poor quality of the Target photo.  You need to see these in person to appreciate the print.

And even though this next item is really considered still falls in the animal print category in my book!  And I just love these tortoise flats from Old Navy.  I got a pair from Cato's last fall and they lasted about 3 months.  Who cares?  They were $7.99 from Cato's!  Hopefully this Old Navy pair for only $24.94 will last a little longer. 

And while we are on the topic of tortoise...I just have to share my new favorite bracelet from York etc. with you!  I love this square bangle with gold accents.  And it can be yours by placing an order today for only $22.  Just shoot me an email or call if you are interested.  It's a fun piece for all seasons.

How do you like to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe?  My rule of thumb is wearing one piece at a time is the perfect amount.  Don't want to overdo it! 

So on your next shopping spree find a little leopard to add to your collection.  I will always be on the prowl for the perfect piece!

Stay tuned.  Stay trendy!