Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Girls

Over the weekend my DVR was busy recording the Miss America pageant and the Golden Globes.  I was out of town for a wedding in Atlanta and couldn't wait to get home to fast forward through all of the commercials and check out the glimmer and gold on my tv.

I have to say that our newly crowned Miss America from NY takes the award for Best Dressed in my book.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about "her look".  From the hair, to the asymetrical design, to the fabric, to the's just all straight 10's on my ballot! 

Mallory Hagan, Miss America

One rule of fashion thumb that I try to follow is that when wearing a one-shoulder style...accessorize on the opposite arm from the fabric or strap.  I love her big, chunky bracelet and it works so well with the big earrings.  She could totally wear this down the road for her wedding!  I say "yes"!

My next fashion favorite from the tv glamour weekend was Julie Bowen.  Not only do I adore her, I also think she has a great sense of style and she always makes great choices.  She looks stunning in the Halston below.

I really love the color.  Not exactly sure what to call it but the mix of green and blue works so well with her hair and skin tones.  She also got the memo about accessorizing the opposite arm when wearing one shoulder styles and I think those stacked bracelets are perfect!  I also really love her messy up-do. 

So Miss America and Miss Modern Family are my two "golden girl" picks from the weekend.

What dresses did you love?  Hate? 

Stay tuned.  Stay trendy.


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