Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  With Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, Christmas music, extra vacation days, and decorating for Christmas...this makes me one happy girl!

My fiance and I went to the NC Farmer's Market today and picked out our tree.  We have to pick from the petite section because my condo aka "the treehouse" isn't very big.  I think we found the perfect one and I was so excited to get it up and "accessorized"!

I have several ornaments that are pretty special to me and I really enjoy unpacking them from my decorations box each year.  I love reminiscing on the memories behind each one of them.
This ornament is a tiny front door with a wreath and my Uncle Mike gave it to me the year that I bought my condo.  I thought that was a clever idea since it was my very first "front door".

My sweet Aunt Donna gave this ornament to me in 2009.  I found this ornament and message to be powerful and very appropriate that year because I had been job searching for over a year and it was really tough trying to make ends meet and figure things out.  This bible verse helped me through some pretty rough days and when I look back on this ornament each year, I am so thankful for the job that I now have along with all of the many other blessings and lessons that the Lord has given me along the way.  

I love this ornament so much because Dolph and I found it on the beach during a visit there last New Year's!  It had a hole in the top and I thought it would make a perfect ornament.  Now it's even more special because it's from the same beach where we will get married in April.  Maybe I can try to find a shell between now and the wedding for each bridesmaid and make them an ornament to put with their gifts...I will add that to my never ending list!

Another thing I love about decorating for Christmas is jazzing up the mantle area!

I decided to go ahead and add stockings with our names with hopes that Santa will swing by and load them up with cash for the wedding!  Gift cards also accepted :)

Another one of my favorite Christmas decor items is a pair of choir angels that were from my great-grandparents house in Elkin.  It's funny because I really do remember seeing them as a child and always loving the color and sweet spirit about them.  Since I also love to sing this little holiday momento that I inherited from them really does make me smile at Christmas!  I always enjoyed spending time at their house during Christmas and since they are no longer with us...this is my way of still celebrating with them each year.

I found a cute metal sign at the Dollar Tree and added some fun ribbon to it.  It looks great against this black and white checked plate on a stand by the sink in my kitchen.  I also added some of the garland scraps to a bud vase.  The smell is my favorite!  I love having a little Christmas decor all over the house.

I also have a fun bright green sequin spangle tree by the bar area.  It's the perfect size and is just the right amount of "fun" for this part of the house.  Basically has PARTY written all over it!

While we were at the Farmer's Market today I also picked up a boxwood wreath to hang in the dining area.  The best part about this wreath is that after Christmas is over I can hang it on my front door and add fun ribbon to make it appropriate for the winter and spring holidays.  By April it will have a really neat dried look to it and I just love it.  Well worth the $16 that it cost me.

As you can see in the picture, I just hung it with a piece of ribbon and then used thumb tacks to attach it to the window frame.  I love the simplicity of this fussy bow or busy ribbon.  Keeps the focus on the boxwood.  I also hung ornaments on sheer gold ribbon from the light fixture and even added tiny ornaments to the glass votives on the table.  I usually have tiny faux pears in them so this is a nice and easy change for Christmas. 

As I type I am listening to Christmas music and Dolph is trying to start a fire.  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

What are some of your favorite holiday decorations in your home?  As you can tell, I love all of my Christmas accessories very much.  Just about as much as my York etc. ones!

Stay tuned.  Stay trendy!

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